MOTHERLAND Have Released Their Summertime Anthem ‘Ocean Drive’

Published on 8 August 2022 at 13:58



As they prepare to share the same line-up with Frank Carter, having already played at Stockton Calling, Motherland have released their summertime anthem ‘Ocean Drive’ in pursuit of bigger things.


Northeast-based rock outfit Motherland have always exalted unapologetically loud tunes in their growing catalogue of brilliant music, and with the release of their newest single, they haven’t changed their sound.


Sonically, the band caterwaul their way through ‘Ocean Drive’, bringing that familiar energy that is recognised in their past singles. Rip-roaring guitar riffs are the bedrock layer to an otherwise pop-rock anthem, with melodies and symphonies thrown into the mix to keep the listener second-guessing the track’s next move all the way until the end.



Talking about the production of the song, the band explains: "'Ocean Drive' is a complete and total summer-time anthem, with lyrics describing the euphoria of love wherein the narrator is completely giving themselves to someone, and that actually being a pretty daunting and vulnerable act. Compared to our other singles 'Ocean Drive' definitely has a stronger pop-rock influence, we've been told in the past we have a nostalgic sound that is fresh but familiar and I'd like to say we really bring that exact feeling with this track. The sound really developed in the studio with collaborative input from George Collings at In Heart Studios (based in Newcastle) who helped and encouraged us to bring the track to the next level."


Available on all major streaming platforms, ‘Ocean Drive’ lays down the law in what to expect with Motherland – a band that doesn’t hold back in their unapologetic, roaring music.