THELMA BALL’s ‘My Other’ Is a Top Drawer Indie Tune That Glistens In The Sun

Published on 8 August 2022 at 14:22

Words: Max Bradfield


How’s nan, alright?” “Yeah, she’s sound. Supporting Alien Tango tonight, yours?”. Name your band after your grandma. Obviously, that’s not how it goes, but Thelma Ball have done exactly that with their trademark spotlight shining on the softly medicated culture in which we inhabit. The indie rockers’ new song ‘My Other’ is a welcome addition to the band’s growing repertoire and burst into life at the end of July 2022.


This new one projects a steady and barely fazed vocal that perfectly complements a bouncy guitar that follows an interesting chord pattern. On first listen, the vocals seem to be reminiscent of The Strokes, with Julian Casablancas’ ultra-chilled out delivery. 


The cover art for this track is ‘My Other’ plastered on a retro postcard and this song is definitely in keeping with a summer indie release. Halfway through the 3:07 playtime, an erratic lead solo breaks through. Somewhat unorthodox, it still works though – flying out between strummed chords like a rambunctious teen after the final lesson before summer holidays. The books and sums disregarded, it thrashes its way through the corridors of the song - sunshine well and truly on the brain.



The tune ultimately levels out, and it proves to be another song in line with the group’s reputation. Indie Underground once said: “Their sound is very brooding and charming… their tracks leave an undeniable impression on you. It’s very blunt and raw music too, with no pretence about it.” 


Previous releases have left reviews like that, especially tracks like ‘Start a Fight’ and ‘Like a Thing’.  Dulcet but highly listenable modern day commentary is shining through. Support for Alien Tango, Nature TV and Time for T, as well as strong Spotify playlist coverage, is earning Thelma Ball top plaudits. The grandma-rock outfit are set for more releases this year, so get listening now – you don’t want to be left behind receiving just the postcard memories.