MODERNLOVE. Celebrate Their Epic EP 'Oh My Mind' Ahead Of November Tour

Published on 11 August 2022 at 13:18



When I think about what modern love means to me, I can easily pin it down to one thing, and it always relates back to generational statements and cultural zeniths. For me, modern love is a term used widely in today’s world to stamp out toxic masculinity and the hare-brained idea that vulnerabilities are weaknesses.


While the 60s saw a tumultuous battle against the indictment of war, with John Lennon being a figurehead in demonstrations across America, and other periods like the 90s saw financial hardship take its toll, the biggest problem in the modern era is the fear of speaking out, the fear that nobody cares about your inner demons.


To an extent, modern love, in musical terms, is the contemporary response to Woodstock ’69 or the revolutionary cultural influence in today’s world that aims to replicate the rise of fortune during the Britpop era of the 90s. Modern love is, to the younger generation, that coping mechanism.


But while other societal instruments focused on key events to bring a community together, namely through the venues of Knebworth Park and Max Yasgur’s Farm in Bethel, New York, the modern love impact percolates beyond just that of a couple hundred thousand acid-induced festival goers.


Modern love is a universal term that is infectiously captured in the appropriately named band ‘modernlove.’s latest EP called ‘Oh My Mind’. The production seizes the modern notion of love through all vulnerabilities, and it features the all-important touch of move and groove music that is familiar with fans of Blossoms, The 1975, and Bloxx. 


As their name suggests, they explore the complexities of the modern lives of twenty-somethings. Even though their lives remain complicated, Barry, Cian, Danny, and Graham, all hailing from Drogheda, have already nailed their sound, delivering polished indie pop with a glossy 90s sheen and intricate details.


They will make you bounce to the sound of anthemic indie stompers, as well as providing a haven for those struggling with their mindset in an environment that ensures we can be ourselves.


Although it may not be a Woodstock sized pilgrimage, and it may not be the buzz of the country like Knebworth, ‘Oh My Mind’ is certainly a key production under the influential zenith of modern love. The creation feels like a coming together of upbeat music and hopeful lyricism that the current generation needed, just like the kids of previous eras needed those significant events in their lives.


And with details of a November tour, who knows, maybe the humble band from the sleepy Irish port town Drogheda can create their own special gathering of the people. 




Wed 02 Birmingham Hare & Hounds

Thu 03 Manchester Yes (Sold Out)

Fri 04 Glasgow Garage Attic Bar

Tue 08 London Camden Assembly (New Show)

Wed 09 Bristol Louisiana

Thu 10 London Camden Assembly (Sold Out)

Fri 11 Leeds Hyde Park Book Club

Sat 12 Belfast Deer's Head

Sun 13 Derry Sandino's

Thu 17 Listowel Mike The Pies

Fri 18 Limerick Kasbah Social Club

Sat 19 Cork Winthrop Avenue

Thu 24 Galway Roisin Dubh

Fri 25 Dublin Button Factory