‘Dancing With Fire’: THE VIOLET NINES’ Latest Single Is A Song For The Romantics… And The Pyromaniacs

Published on 11 August 2022 at 12:42

Words: Max Bradfield


Eye catching Minneapolis outfit The Violet Nines have brought out their latest single since April, with ‘Dancing with Fire’. An example of their clean-cut groove-centric pop, it's fused with funk, rock and elements of R&B to produce a vibrant musical lovechild.


The band admits that in a sonic sense, ‘Dancing with Fire’ is the combination of dream-state vibes, bass-forward groove and emotive melodies. This one almost draws parallels to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ with its main funky riff.


Fans of this band are treated to a true visual display. Alongside lead vocalist Hayley Lewis’ pink hair, the music video for this song navigates all sorts of imagery that hints to a real presence in live performance. In a narrative that fixes on Hayley being enamoured with a pyromaniac (played by friend of the band, Lauren), all band members are clad in firefighter gear. 


Amidst this, is the presence of masked men, sparklers, and petrol as the fuel for the flames of this song’s certain romance. Not to mention, the fire station their stage, the audio and visual spectacle is capped by a brilliant saxophone solo as the band frolic around. 


Aside from lead singer Hayley, the band is composed of Nick Eagon on guitar, Austin Kurtz on drums, Benjamin Cline on keys and sax, and Delon Smith on bass. This track comes, as said, as their latest release since April’s ‘Dead Wrong’ and adds to a growing reputation since their inception in 2020. Dave Franklin of Dancing About Architecture fittingly described the group: “Smooth and sensual but also confident and commercial, the pitch is perfect between chart territory and a more interesting, more underground world.”