SCREENTALK’s ‘Girl In The Sky’ - An Epic Trailblazer For The Group’s New Era

Published on 16 August 2022 at 12:04

Words: Max Bradfield


SCREENTALK have just released their latest song ‘Girl In The Sky’ and this tune fresh from the 12th of August, looks to set the wheels in motion for a promising new era for the synth and guitar powered outfit.


The band initially began as a quintet. With the involvement of previous synth wiz Stuart McNaughton still present, and the band’s work with management company LMSUK, there’s very much a thoughtful look back as the group look to move up in the world. 


This fourth song produced by Kurran Karbal sees the alt rock collective keep in line with their ethereal origins – with shining synths, driven guitars and soaring vocals. This track incorporates a euphoric chorus with both a vocal and percussive presence. As backing vocals collide, big drum fills give room to flourish. 



The bass is suave. The guitar is delicate in places. With ‘Girl In The Sky’, its almost like two contrasting songs in one – there’s a weighty, emotive guitar solo and then an eccentric twitching synth section that whizzes by. It has the listener's head in a spin – but of course, in a good way. Backing vocals imply a real sense of unity within the continued band, despite McNaughton’s exit in April 2022. 


This intriguing song looks to be a solid building block ahead of what could be a very exciting time. With the guidance of LMSUK, and an already impressive repertoire that boasts a near 4000 streams on Spotify, the group can only be moving in the right direction. The newfound four piece encounters a new dawn, ready to build on foundations laid with an armoury of drum machines and analogue synths.