BIRRELL OR BISCUIT Unleash Chaos On Catchy New Single 'Wheelie Bin'

Published on 19 August 2022 at 10:29



If I told you the latest single we are covering featured a Scotsman talking about waking up in a wheelie bin, I’d probably get a few befuddled glares. But hear me out, Birrell or Biscuit’s newest creation, which is aptly titled ‘Wheelie Bin’ stretches far beyond the reaches of a simple story about a Scotsman’s love affair with a bin.


The track, instead, offers an all too familiar brutal view of life on the outside of society. The lyrics of Craig Birrell’s latest song does not dress up his situation to soften the blow – they tell the tales of how life’s expectations and reality are sometimes miles apart. It also provides listeners with Birrell’s standpoint on people who condemn others actions without knowing the reason behind them.


All of this is boxed up in a psychedelic rock n roll backing track, which features sliding guitars that are laced in a glossy 90s aura. 


Of course, the lyrics can be listened to for their deeper meaning, or they can be interpreted for their comedic additions. Either way, it ensures there’s something in this single for everyone to enjoy. As the press release that came attached with it said, one day people will realise that this madman is a genius.


A storyteller at heart and a typical funny Scotsman upon first impression, Craig Birrell has spent the last few years playing lead guitar in psychedelic band The Valkarys, and more recently playing Bass with Scarletinas, also producing his first track for Bristol duo Returning Videotapes.


He has also embarked on a UK tour supporting The Rifles, and played in Europe with the Graveltones, but now his focus has shifted to releasing more music that plots himself on the music map. 


A brilliant live performer, an exceptional storyteller, and an even better personality – Birrell or Biscuit will go far, our doubts don’t exist with this one.