'Adrenaline': We Review The New Single From BREEZE

Published on 28 October 2022 at 03:11

Words: Stiofán Bruce



Hull-based four-piece Breeze presents us with an autumnal release with their brand-new single 'Adrenaline' which is out today.

After the heartfelt song "Eyes Wide Open" in the spring and the well-received "Touch the Sky" from last year, the group continues to provide that aggressive and jagged song that goes straight for the throat, having overtones reminiscent of the early Arctic Monkeys which wins over their audience with
their own brand of intense indie rock.


Speaking to the boys here is what front-man Albert Anderson had to say: "It just hits you with full force straight away like a proper indie anthem should do. It was a class time recording, we were all just so in our



Personally I couldn't agree more, after the opening few seconds we are struck in the eardrums with a thunder of percussion and guitars. A quick tempo that lasts the entire three minutes makes for a thrilling and memorable listen. The lead vocals break through everything with a jarring sound that will make you tremble. We have a serious piece of alt-indie rock that sounds more like a vision. A genuinely great one.


If you're still yet to have caught Breeze live, then I'd certainly give them a chance now. I'm sure you'll find them on plenty more line-ups across the indie rock scene in the very near future.


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