DOLL RIOT Unleash 'Mrreowrr' - A Track That Channels Built-Up Aggression

Published on 31 October 2022 at 17:15



An all-girl band is not a common sight in the music industry. It’s a great shame to us at OSM. Yes, there’s Little Mix, but they, to us, aren’t cutting it. We want an all-girl band that brings that rock’n’roll steel, laced with passion and adrenaline. 


Whatever men can do in the rock genre, women can do better. Doll Riot is the paradigm band to this claim. 


In 2020, amidst the turmoil of the global pandemic, four high schoolers, Elena, Ella, London and Lillee, came together to form a garage band. The outcome was an angsty teenage sound that leans on post-punk lyricism and chorus’s paired with caterwauling guitars and wistful melodies that help to embed a brilliant soundscape.


Photo:  Alex Tchoukhrova


Their new single ‘Mrreowrr’ (a writer’s nightmare to spell) feels like the crown jewel in their catalogue of great stadium anthems. Recorded, engineered and mixed by Patrick Trolan, the track features a lot of the bottled up aggression that has become a trademark of the band’s sound, exploring the maligned stereotyping of females for having emotions. It perfectly illustrates the anger they feel as a result of such pigeonholed perspectives. 


Doll Riot have been playing gigs across San Diego since the easing of restrictions has allowed them. It turns out, they are pretty popular in their hometown, and we can see why. But now it’s over to you to see if the all-girl band we run out of superlatives for takes your fancy. 


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