SKINNY LIVING Live Review & Interview

Published on 28 November 2022 at 09:41

By Kyle Anderson


On Wednesday the of 9th November at the iconic venue of King Tuts in Glasgow, 

Skinny Living played to a sold out raucous Glaswegian crowd and what a gig it was.


Skinny Living are a band who made a strong connection with fans all over the world especially during lockdown, getting many people through difficult times in their lives. This bond was evident at King Tuts, with the crowd singing every lyric without fail to each of Skinny Living’s songs. The appreciation was reciprocated as you could see just how much it meant to the three band members : Ryan, Will and Danny as the crowd lapped up every second of the performance.


Skinny Living played fan favourites from their catalogue such as “Let Go”, “Story Book”, “No Messiah”, “My Blood” and the band’s latest single “Who Likes”. The band have an amazing ability to move from an up tempo catchy ear-worm to instantly drop the tempo with a slow, emotive track which literally leaves you able to hear a pin-drop, silencing the crowd, latching on to their every word. The pure, silky smooth and velvety soulful voice of lead singer Ryan compliments Will and Danny’s harmonies and instrumentation to give the perfect collaboration of sounds. Instantly recognisable, each track makes an impression on listeners after just one listen.


With music relating to every day occurrences, relationships, good times and the hard-times, Skinny Living’s music instantly resonates with listeners and to steal a lyric from the band  “it won’t be long before” we see this talented group getting the credit they deserve and making an impact within the charts.


I caught up with the band ahead of the gig to ask them a few questions:


OSM: Thanks for talking to us today, can you tell anyone out there who may not know Skinny Living , who you are and what your music is about?

Thanks for having us! We are an independent band based in Wakefield England. Our music is about everyday life


OSM: What band(s) or artist(s) inspired Skinny Living?

Bill Withers, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Otis Redding, Paulo Nutini, The Isley Brothers and so many more

OSM: Massive congratulations on selling out the Skinny Living’s Acoustic Soul Tour opening dates, how did the opening night go in Bangor?

It was great! So good to get back home and play in Bangor's new music venue!

OSM: What is your favourite Skinny Living song to perform live?

It changes all the time but Strawberry Jam has been a favourite recently

OSM: You recently extended the tour and added a further 8 dates, what do you want to say to the fans supporting you and making this possible?

Genuinely can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to see us and spreading the word about our music. Things have never been better

OSM: Post tour are there any plans in the pipeline for further dates or live performances?

Yes definitely! We will be out at festivals and aiming towards a full band headline tour at the end of next year

OSM: After the success of your recent single “Who Likes” what’s next for the band in terms of releases?

We are working on an EP to bridge the gap between now and our debut album. We’ve also got some interesting collaborations and side projects coming up to

OSM: What is your dream festival and lineup you would love to be a part of? (Name 3 artists alongside yourself) and tell us why?

We would love to play Glastonbury and our dream line up right now would be Sonni Mills & Joy Crookes with Coldplay headlining

OSM: You announced a hometown in Wakefield on 17.12.22 what can fans expect from this night and will a few festive tracks make it onto the track list? 

It’s gonna be the biggest set we’ve ever played. We are all hyped about it so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a lively one! We will have the full band with us so it’s gonna be loud :)! There’s no Christmas songs planned but who knows

OSM: Do you have any advice for young bands starting out?

Do what you love and be yourself first and foremost! Stay independent until you have a strong enough sound, image and following to remain yourself in any collaboration with a label. It’s your message and your art so no one is ever more qualified than you to make decisions on what you should or shouldn’t do. Your successes and failures are equal in the journey to becoming the best artist you can be and you need to be free to make them both so build a team of people around you that understand this and are willing to support it no matter the cost

OSM: Finally, where is the best place for fans to get news of Skinny Living’s plans and tickets?

Our website