A Bit Of Notts Nostalgia: MAGENTA DUSK's 'Time'

Published on 2 January 2024 at 15:51

Words: Max Bradfield


At the back end of November 2023, Nottingham creative and producer Ross Swift released his second piece of music under the name 'Magenta Dusk'. 'Time' is a thoughtful and enjoyable listen, and as the second release of this artist's arsenal, it'll likely have many thinking about what we might hear next.

The track is a smooth and easily listenable piece of electronica, with complementary instrumentals and vocals applied effectively to create a sense of emotion within. Instantly, the song lays down a classic 80s sound, with synths and bass. Pairing with the visually pleasing visuals of the cover art - direction is clear through aesthetic as much as it is musically.

Swift follows his 2021 debut, taking this 'Magenta Dusk' project to another level. It's intriguing really, how well constructed this song is - when Swift's processes seem relatively straight forward. "I recorded the song at home in Nottingham, working remotely with vocalists in the US and Europe."

Despite the distance, Ross' ear for chemistry has outdone itself - as the guest female vocals are quite engaging. They're even more pleasant when layered, which adds further depth. 'Time' holds a message that is nearly contradictory to its very sound. With an audio profile that would be fitting in the 1980s or even the 2010s, it's intriguing that the main phrase is "Leave the past behind". A modern message, a throwback way of presenting it.

"The song is about the immutable disposition of time, and the realisation (or lack of) that you're burning through life at breakneck pace, often under an illusion of permanence, waiting for something to happen as though you've got all the time in the world. The sadness that you're waiting for something that will never happen, but with a message that you won't find what you're looking for in the past."



It's not just synth and bass with Magenta Dusk. Oh no, as half way through - Ross brings in timely guitar that is balanced nicely with reverb and delay. Dancing on top of bass, synth and vocals - it adds a pleasant new dynamic in the song. His direction for song creation is clear, while fusing new aspects. He continued:

"(I was) aiming for a blend of indie electronic synth pop and melodic vocals to create feeling. The single is from upcoming EP 'Last Light', which has been put together as a whole piece that chronologically plays out a timeline of events and emotion. Each song represents a particular time or key life event, and carries with it a shifting mood and atmosphere."

"You'll either hate it, or get lost in it."

We'll have to side with the latter...


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