SARAH ROSE Presents Introspective Track 'Love I Never Wanted'

Published on 2 January 2024 at 16:04

By Neve Atkinson


‘Love I Never Wanted’ is a deeply introspective track about feeling regret at the end of a relationship, unsure if you ever really wanted said relationship to make it as far as it did. There’s a lot of melancholy in this stirring track, and the one thing that Sarah Rose is certain of is that her former partner really didn’t deserve how she treated them.


She uses tried and tested country-pop song writing methods to tell a simple but evocative story, and incorporates some whimsical electronic production (credited to Luke Targett) to create an atmospheric chorus, adding a dreamy dimension to what was originally an acoustic record.


If you weren’t listening to the lyrics, it’s a very relaxing track, but clearly imbued with deep emotion. Sarah Rose bares her soul as she directly addresses her ex, telling them at last that ‘all I ever wanted was you’. Clearly it’s too little too late. But it does make for a lovely song.



Winner of the pop category of the 2023 Indie International Songwriting Contest, this track is a thoughtful way to start a series of releases before Rose heads to Nashville this year for Tin Pan South, honouring her country inspirations; you can very much hear that Kacey Musgraves is a strong influence for this British songwriter.


I’m really interested to see what else Sarah Rose will produce in the next few months; perhaps strengthening the pop aspect of her production, or fully committing to the country storytelling that has been evidenced in her other recent release, ‘16 Year Old Me’. Championed by BBC Introducing, I’m sure she will remain on our radar.


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