Single Reviews 14/08/20

Published on 14 August 2020 at 11:26

Our Sound favourites Death Threat Cassette who were recently featured on the site here give us our Single Of The Week this erm week with Tank Gun Soldier, the first release from their upcoming third album Use Your Delusion (best album name ever). We’ve written a lot about the single already on the site and just like Kombat, once we get our teeth into a band we really really like it’s almost like a mission for us to champion them. Go listen to Tank Gun Soldier on our Spotify Playlist and be prepared to enter the world of DTC and never come back. Sublime chorus and a strong melodic vocal make this a new dawn for the North Yorkshire based outfit..


The Clockworks are signed to Alan MCGee’s Creation23 label and their new release is the topical Can I Speak To A Manager Please? It's a humorous, fun and furious tune...We wrote about the impressive Charlotte Betson last week (have a read here) and her new single Important To Me is released today complete with a pop chorus. It is a slight change in direction (for the better) and indie pop done right..The Shop Window (not to be confused with an actual shop) are back with new jangly indie pop single Evacuate. I can hear shades of Coldplay Yellow amongst an almost Americana guitar sound. Evacuate is a perfectly acceptable uptempo tune that is well put together..South Coast rockers TV Coma have put out Congratulations, which has a corporate sounding but altogether monster of a chorus.They won’t win the indie kids over but for the non elitists  vocalist Leo Troys stand out tone & the production here actually makes this one of the stand out releases of the week...Having opened for The 1975 and Bastille, PHNTMS new release Honesty is a reach out to the LGBTA+ communities. Hailing from Philadelphia, USA Honesty is soulful rock and singer Alyssa Gambino clearly has a special talent which is put on display here..How I was Wrong is from London lad Sleepwoka, A different sound for us to cover so as such doesn’t float out boat but it’s on our playlist if you want to make your own judgment..Nick Kingswell is Homesick in his new release. It’s an inoffensive gentle acoustic track that really doesn’t really go anywhere..Dark and sleazy Mancs HMS Sirens released their Polaroids EP a couple of weeks ago but we are reviewing it now for good measure. 21 has a distracting double vocal that I guess adds a sinister dimension while second track on the EP Losing Touch is a proper advert for the band featuring a sublime guitar tone. Finally Two X Two is a slower and poignant track that rounds off a decent release...90’s Britpoppers Sleeper who made a comeback last year with a new album have recorded a 2020 version of single Vegas. It is a slowed down acoustic version complete with piano that fans of the band will enjoy...and finally Irish up and comers Pillow Queens release another track off their forthcoming album in Holy Show which is an easy listen but doesn’t ignite any sparks. 

You can listen to most of the releases above on our Spotify Playlist.

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