Misao McGregor 'Kid In The Corner'

Published on 18 December 2020 at 10:59

Words by Robin Mumford of The Indie Plug


What came along with the invitation to review Misao McGregor's 'Kid in The Corner' was a little comment that read: "I think you'll enjoy this one; I was blown away."


This turned out to be true. 'Kid in the Corner' is capable of blowing listeners away with its amalgamation of harsh reality and awe-inspiring storytelling.


The political divisiveness in the modern world has enabled McGregor to use her musical ingenious to humanise one's experiences of difference, allowing others to empathise and shift their perspectives, even if only slightly.


Misao McGregor is an openly queer, non-binary, mixed-race singer/ songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. She has stories of ebb and flow to tell, which she does masterfully in this release. Being an inspiring figure who has lived with music from an early age, 'Kid in the Corner' acts not only as an autobiographical piece of her 24 years of ups and downs, but it also serves as motivation for those diving into her art.


"Each song is meant to shed away another layer of all that I can be to get to the core of who I am. It's a homage to the experiences that have shaped me, both good and bad, and acts as an end to a chapter only to start anew", she explains.


This album, however, must come with a warning to those who are faint-hearted. It is a heart-grappling story from start to finish of the struggles that have tried to impede McGregor's pathway to a successful musical career. 


The mix of having songs weaved in with real-life recordings of moments in the songwriter's life immerses the listener astoundingly. Never has an album had such an immersive experience to it.


Tracks such as 'Runaway' and 'Weather the Weather' give off the impression that McGregor has found her musical individuality. While so many indie musicians struggle to find their voice in a crowd of pop icon wannabes, the LA-based singer seems to have found her niche. 


Telling a story is her creative niche, and accompanying the story with fleeting, dream-like vocals is the icing on the cake for what is a deliciously indulging listen.


'Blue Boi,' however, is our pick for the best on the 11-track album. The pulsating piano that opens the song drifts effortlessly into Misao's mellifluously harmonious vocals. She certainly knows how to craft a musical potion that hits you hard.


The ending song, 'B Major,' must also get a special mention. While other songs in this craft muster up harmonious vocals, this one has a raw edge to it. A brilliant finish to a brilliant album that will inspire many to dive into her art. 


Misao McGregor, a letter to you, we cannot wait to hear your next release. ****



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