Single Reviews 18/12/20

Published on 18 December 2020 at 13:08

New Glasgow band Audio Town have released their debut single Until The End. I think the last time I was this excited about a new band was when I discovered Kombat. The song defines the term indie anthem. It’s emotional, it’s epic, it's destined to be heard by tens of thousands of people standing in a field. If Audio Town can follow this up with something equally as good we have an incredible band on our hands. The production is a little less cooked than it should be though that adds to the charm of the song. It comes in at over six minutes and to be honest who cares, I could listen to this all day long. I just might. Stream our Single Of The Week now.

Glasgow indie outfit Velvet have released Black And Blue through their newly-founded label Affection Records. This starts all tender before kicking our heads in; unleashing a sound that is cutting edge indie rock. It’s good...Pop singer-songwriter Natalia Nikitenko showcases her rich vocals on Oil & Water. Natalia has written songs for Little Mix and Anne-Marie so the pedigree is there for writing a hit. Oil & Water is a cinematic pop ballad that doesn’t over do it - a guilty pleasure...Room Of Mine is one we’ve been waiting for this week. It’s the new single from Marlee, the singer and guitarist with a penchant for glitter and a flair for the dramatic. Lyrically this is a lot of fun - musically it’s a pleasure; acoustic guitar underpins an in your face vocal. As vibrant as Marlee herself, Room Of Mine is a must addition to your playlist..The Dead Freights have created the genre Grunge Disco on latest release Fever And The Thunder. The band have a definite buzz surrounding them and this tune is the soundtrack to a sleazy house party. Bouncy and grubby in equal measure, it's alright this...20th Century Son give us their Shout It Out Loud EP. The title track is a fast tempo acoustic number with a strong melody and a chorus that raises the song higher just when we’re thinking “this is decent this”. No Two People is more of the same rich, acoustic sound though here we have a looooong intro while Leave This Town borders on ballad territory - a slow paced and melancholy tune. The EP wraps up with Be Someone, a reflective song that is in keeping with the rest of the EP. 20th Century Son have an amazingly full acoustic sound and clearly a talent for writing a decent tune or two..Garden Party have released their second single In The Middle, following on from debut release Tomorrow. The lads met at Uni in Manchester but sound a bit different to other new bands hailing from the city. There’s a definite rock element to this fighting for position with a bit of shoegaze. In The Middle, having been released last month, reached number one on the iTunes alternative chart and for good reason; it's bloody brilliant...Staying in Manchester, Callow Youth released Over Your Head the other day, a vibrant tune with a retro feel to it. I bet these are cracking live...Turn Around has taken us by surprise. It’s the new riff heavy one from Panic State. Proper rock n roll this with no pretensions..SLUGS come from LA and the alt rock band have released Super Sane, a song that is bittersweet lyrically. The sound here is restrained and atmospheric; as far as US alt-rock goes this is as good as it gets..Taken from their forthcoming EP, Low is the rambunctious new single from The Skinner Brothers. Hitting play gives us a stomping drum beat giving way to indie punk vocals. There’s a swagger to this alright - the sound of a band certain to reach their potential in 2021..Cold In California by The Lovechilds is the festive single from the London based brothers. It doesn’t over do the Christmas sentimentality and has a pretty lovely flowing sound...Eminem has dropped a surprise Christmas gift on Gnat, a song so up to date with its references it could have been recorded this morning. The Covid and Trump mentions are overdone and this certainly isn’t anywhere near his best material. A bit like receiving a pair of socks for Christmas - we’re grateful but can’t help wish we’d been given something else...Lauran Hibberd delivers an actual Christmas song on her version of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree. The video is bonkers and a lot of fun and that’s what this version is meant to be. Perfectly acceptable Christmas period listening...and finally, Jonny Ash has released his Blurry Vision EP. Two of there songs here are previous single releases Eclipse, which is one of our songs of the year and Rosies - both great songs with that early The Verve sound. I wonder what they would sound like if Mark Coyle got his hands on them. Brother is an ode to family that features more of that engrossing guitar sound while MDMA finishes off the EP in raucous fashion, taking us almost back to the baggy era. I imagine the huge sound here is phenomenal live…


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