Hi, thank you for your interest in our promotion service. Whether you want to give your next single release a push or launch a full album campaign with us, we aim to give your next release the most exposure in a cost effective way.

Single promotion - *Introductory offer* £7.50 (will be £10 in 2021)

Album promotion  *Introductory offer* (includes up to two single releases from the album as well as the album) - £25 (will be £30 in 2021)


What you get with a single release package:

Leading up to the release:

A full feature article on our website, https://oursoundmusic.com which will stay there forever. The feature will aim to talk about your background, previous releases and also talk up your new release. Links to your website socials, spotify or indeed anything you want will be included.

Mentions across our socials (3,500 initial reach not including shares, meaning even more reach) twice in the week up to release.

A link to your pre-save link or anything appropriate at the foot of every new article published on the website throughout this period.


Release day:

Addition to our Spotify Playlist

A review on the website as part of our weekly single reviews (positive reviews not a guarantee, please see further info below)

Mentions on our social media channels morning and evening on release day

After release:

Your track selected as our ‘Tune Of The Day’ and shared on socials including a link to listen.

A link to a stream of your song or the video at the foot of every new article on the website for a further two weeks.

Ongoing support of your release - ad-hoc shares of future releases, merchandise, upcoming gigs.


What you get with an album release package:

Same as the above (with two single releases from the album included, ongoing) plus:

A review on our website of your album by an independent journalist who will not be told you have paid for promotion. This is to ensure we maintain editorial integrity. We are not asking the earth because we are just looking to cover website costs, be able to pay some of our contributors going forward and to increase advertising for the website. 


We will also share your music with other music websites, podcasters, radio shows and influencers.


We are entirely flexible so if there is anything we haven’t included that you would like we are open to suggestions. 


We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity so to that end none of the above packages guarantees a positive review, what it does guarantee is exposure to an audience who are actively looking for new music and who have an interest in indie/rock music. 

We are a growing website/brand and our competitive pricing reflects this. Be assured that we will get behind your release with maximum effort and enthusiasm.

Please email us at hello@oursoundmusic.com to discuss or visit our Contact Us page.