GEORGE HENNESSEY’S ‘Lost Society’ - A Reflective And Rebellious Brit Rock Anthem

Published on 1 July 2022 at 02:01

Words: Max Bradfield


George Hennessey’s latest track ‘Lost Society’ was released on the 24th of June and has been making waves already. Enjoying some valued radio time and nearly 1000 listens on Spotify, it’s definitely a song worth paying attention to. 


‘Lost Society’ is the third single from the London born artist’s forthcoming album and presents an intriguing melody as well as some fantastic album art. Recorded with Grammy winning Metallica producer James Kenosha, it was written in the middle of the lockdown and constitutes a certain composed yet defiant ‘joie de vivre’


George explains of his lockdown brainchild: Lost Society is about the struggles of living in today’s society and wanting to escape to some sort of utopian fantasy. It was written during the beginning of the first lockdown where I guess we all had a lot of time to think and reflect on our lives. It kind of came from that really. We were all glued to the news waiting for more bad news to follow one after the other - so I decided to write a song about everything out of frustration, to quite an uplifting tune.


As Hennessey demonstrated, a deep critical message is perhaps juxtaposed by an upbeat tone and this is evident through such fascinating details as the 29-year-old’s full-blown whistling solo. Paired with that aforementioned unique artwork, it’s beginning to be apparent that George isn’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to his creations. 


Previous works have generated more than 500 radio plays – especially in the UK and Germany. The latter included a live session at RBB Radioeins (the equivalent of BBC 6 Music in Berlin). After some positive reactions to his work in the studio, the Oasis inspired solo man has also built up a smart repertoire on stage.


George has played successful shows at Isle of Wight Festival, Victorious Festival and Rolling Stone Beach Festival in Germany - not to mention various club shows in London, Manchester, Berlin and Hamburg. More shows are coming up including Y Not Festival and a number of appearances in London and Liverpool. 


George Hennessey’s rise looks set to continue – this track is just another reason to look forward to his debut album with Massive 92 Records coming soon.


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