'Better Than Me' Is The New Anthemic Single From HER BURDEN - We Have Been Taking A Listen

Published on 1 July 2022 at 02:12



Her Burden are an Indie-Rock/Alt-Rock band from Leicester, United Kingdom. They take influence from UK indie and Britpop bands, modern punk, and classic rock titans. This week they have released their foot stomping new anthem ‘Better Than Me’.


Exploring the constraining themes of tunnel vision and pessimism, while rounding off the track with a thrust of freedom, honesty, and the principles of treating fellow humans with respect in the modern age, the new single can be likened to an anthem that would be pulled off by Green Day or The Killers.


Mastering the technique of producing explosive sounds and tempestuous vocals, ‘Better Than Me’ is sonically a production that will set stadiums alight. It’s a single that will sit cosily among the moods of angsty teenagers or devitalized adults who feel distant with the modern world. In a nutshell, the single provides an example to the definition of ‘big sound’. 


Lyrically, frontman and lyricist, Joshua Jones drew inspiration from his own experiences with limited opportunities, working dead-end jobs, and being treated less than human by previous bosses and those at the top attempting to demoralise and keep people at the bottom of the professional ladder.



But while these experiences were negative, and the song features moody atmospherics, Her Burden auspiciously inject a wave of hope into the production. After listening to the thunderous drumming and lightning guitar walls, you will feel a new optimism come over you to seek a way out of whatever’s bringing you down. 


It is this mix of positive and negative, angsty and hopeful, that gives ‘Better Than Me’ a well-rounded feel to it. After going into hibernation when 2020 became the year of COVID and cancellation, Her Burden have sprung to life in 2021 and 2022, proving to be a band that is evolving at alarming rates. 


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