TOM GRENNAN Returns With New Single ‘Remind Me’ And Announces Huge Homecoming Headline Show In June

Published on 30 March 2022 at 10:03

Photo: Amir Hossein

Words: Kyle Anderson


"Remind Me”, the latest single from Tom Grennan smacks the listener right in the ears with an elated and exuberant bang from the get go. With his signature husky tone and instantly recognisable voice, Tom has brought fans a scorching new euphoric sing-along that’s sure to be a smash hit.


Recorded with LostBoy ( Griff, Anne-Marie, Dua Lipa ) in north-west London, “Remind Me” the new song from Bedford’s Tom Grennan sees the talented singer open his account for releases in 2022 and he has started in spectacular fashion.


Tom confirmed the song was written as he wanted a track which took him back to a certain moment in his life when he had given up something that was really making a difference in his life in a good way. The song tells of a chance re-encounter with someone and the magic that can bring. He wants the song to evoke the feeling of reconnecting and being at the top of a rollercoaster ,feeling it’s the best life can be, literally on the top of the world.


Working on a highly anticipated third album, Tom is back in the studio with a message for fans that he has a new story to tell and he is ready to take his music to the next level.


Along with the release of “Remind Me” , Tom is set to tour across Europe, The US and Australia  across spring and the early summer with an impressive tour that will culminate with his birthday homecoming gig on 4th June in Bedford Park. Impressively playing to the 15 000 capacity venue, this will see Tom play his largest UK outdoor headline show to date.


With travelling finally permitted Tom looks set to tour across the globe much to fans across the worlds delight. Tom racked up an astonishing 30 million streams in South Korea alone on his BRIT nominated single “Little Bit of Love” (his first UK Top 10). Without evening making it to the country, Tom has created a frenzy with fans and artists alike with K-Pop talents including Monsta X covering the single.


With an impressive start to his musical career including 2 BRIT award nominations, two platinum-selling Top 10 singles, a UK Number one album , over one billion streams and 100k gig tickets sold, Tom Grennan is only going one way and that is to the top.


“Remind Me” the new sing-along anthem from Tom Grennan is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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