COLUMBIA - "Embrace The Chaos"

Published on 30 March 2022 at 09:40



Picture this. It’s a random, boring old midweek night and you get that sudden feeling of temptation. An abrupt sense of longing that you only ever experience when you yearn for your next dose of a concert. But the only problem is, the gig you go to must be on a low budget. Without hesitation, though, you sling your jacket around your body and get yourself down to the nearest venue.


Expecting a bang average performance from bang average musicianship, you enter the arena just as the band steps in. But something about your conscience is off. You were wrong, and quicker than you know, your body is met with a rush of adrenaline and an overwhelming sensation comes over your soul like something has possessed you.


Your ears flutter into the atmosphere after having to become accustomed to an explosive minefield of guitar sounds and expansive lyricism that makes your lips twitch into the direction of an all-encompassing chorus. And just like that, your mind, heart, and soul are captivated by a sound you’ve never heard before.


Suddenly, the drunk sweaty men rocking Liam Gallagher haircuts at the bar with a pint of Guinness on demand no longer make you feel uncomfortable. Suddenly, the band you had never heard of before the night started is becoming your favourites. Suddenly, you feel a spiritual, heart-felt connection with the music they are producing, and their soaring nature is quickly brainwashing you into delirium.


As the night enters its peak hours, you feel like you’ve made friends with hundreds of other people in a room that fills the air with dingy darkness that you have ultimately fallen in love with. The music that can’t escape your head becomes louder and more fuelled by the second, but nobody minds, because in a sense, it is so unrealistically melodic as well as thunderous.


Simply put, your day started like any other, but as soon as night washed over you, your faith in rock ‘n’ roll became restored to its 90’s vertex. You literally feel as if you’ve been thrown into a Britpop reunion, but with a twist. The soundscape is fresh and unique, violent yet beautiful all in one.


And while each song sounds so different to the last, they all roll in together perfectly like a storybook tale to cap a wonderful night of discovering new music.


Picture this, you have just returned from a gig headlined by Columbia, a band that has just released a brilliant debut album titled ‘Embrace the Chaos’. You are taken aback, you’re thrilled, you have found your new favourite band within the whirlwind of an action-packed release. 


"Embrace The Chaos" is out now on all major streaming platforms.


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