Single Reviews 29/05/21

Published on 29 May 2021 at 20:11

Manchester based five-piece The Juice have followed up their previous cracking tune ‘Tell Me Tina’ with ‘Make Me Start’. Taking a step back from punchy indie rock, the band has evolved to produce an epic and more serious sound. The song is awash with a sublime lead guitar that flows throughout the entire three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. ‘Make Me Start’ is an exciting release for The Juice that not only shows their creative diversity but also their strength as songwriters. ‘Make Me Start’ is our Single Of The Week.


Moving on to the rest of the week’s new releases, Reilly James, a solo performer from the North-West, who recently signed with MLR Management, earlier this week released his new single ‘Bring Me Down’. There is a dream-like quality to the song, with good use of effects that gives ‘Bring Me Down’ a welcome pop feel as opposed to the usual straight forward indie guitar sound that you could be forgiven for expecting. The production here is as smooth as it gets and the chorus is fabulous. Coming in at just over two minutes, Reilly James leaves us wanting more, which is the way it should be...Scottish punks Permo release a blistering tirade on ‘Matryoshka’ which actually starts with an almost glam-rock sounding riff, before we are left in little doubt as to Permo’s intentions - to define punk in 2021 and at breakneck speed, which they duly have on this new single…’The Fall’ is the second single from Manchester quarter Mercy Kelly, who released their debut single ‘Anymore’ in March. ‘The Fall’ starts teasingly but it isn’t long before we are off to the races - the guitar tone is an absolute triumph that recalls some of the North-West’s finest, while the poetic lyrics frame the track perfectly. An incredibly likeable and fresh single, ‘The Fall’ is highly recommended...NEEVE are an indie pop band from Germany, who channel the Britpop sound on their new release ‘Black And Blue’. The tremendous melody actually borrows from Linkin Park’s ‘One More Light’ in places. The combination of piano, synths and guitars combine to unleash a sound that while is very much pop, has an emotive depth. A great release that demands a listen...Michael Gallagher returns with ‘Time’, a jaunty and rousing release that follows up his previous great releases ‘Lula’ and ‘Call My Name’ in style. Gallagher has really injected his personality into ‘Time’ and has produced a really vibrant song…’Nothing In The Morning’ is the six track EP from Red Shakes (Sam De Silva), a young Yorkshire based artist who is backed by three musicians. The EP opens with the title track, a lively opener that sets the tone for this collection of songs with its observational lyrics and modern indie sound. ‘Not The Same Anymore’ has relatable lyrics, an ode to life and the music business changing and not necessarily for the better. The ‘Nothing In The Morning’ EP is overall a fast paced, straight forward indie rock affair and just as we are hoping for something a little different, the EP closes with ‘New Year’s Eve’, a slower, acoustic track that rounds the EP off on a high…’You Give Me The Chills’ arrives via post punk duo The Vitrines, who are playing at legendary venue The Water Rats in London on 02/10. ‘You Give Me The Chills’ has an infusion of indie rock and New Wave with that guitar riff - direct, non-stop and exhilarating, The Vitrines have a great release here...Amsterdam-based producer, singer, songwriter and creative director Luna Morgenstern has released ‘Done’, with her debut EP ‘Taking The Blow’ scheduled for a July release. ‘Done’ is a personal song, written after a difference of opinion with her father, and the lyrics reflect as such. This is a powerful, coming of age pop track that sets the table perfectly for the EP...Kavanagh turned our heads earlier this year with ‘Citizen 202’ and the DIY unsigned rock ‘n’ rollers are back with ‘Come And Meet The Jones’’, a simply phenomenal track that we haven’t stopped listening to since its release earlier in the week. Reminiscent of Mark Lanegan/The Screaming Trees, Kavanagh throws away any pretensions with a rousing monster of a tune that, to be honest, is hard to put into words just how special it is. Big fuzzy chords, a frantic guitar solo, a vocal that would rip your vocal chords out if you tried to replicate - ‘Come And Meet The Jones’’ is pretty much a tie for our Single Of The Week and we can’t stress enough just how much you need to listen to this...HUNYBEES have released ‘I Keep Falling In Love’, the final release from their forthcoming EP, ‘Filth’. HUNYBEES are an indie-pop duo from Hertfordshire and on this single release, they display an intricate sound that is punchy and bright…’Super Emotional’ is by Honeymoan, a South African alt-pop quartet. The sound here is off-kilter pop with a fun vocal from Alison Rachel...and finally we have The Divisions and their killer new release ‘White Ash’. The young indie-rock band from London have captured a brilliant wall of sound on this; a noisy yet melodic tune that demands a listen on full volume. ‘White Ash’ is a non stop, rip roaring tune - the band worked hard to capture the perfect sound that they wanted on this and there is no doubt they achieved their aim. One of the stand out releases of the week, it won’t be long before The Divisions are at the forefront of indie rock in the UK.


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