'The Mountain And The Wave', The New Single From THIRD GIRL FROM THE LEFT Is Out Now

Published on 9 July 2021 at 11:08

By Kevin Malton


Exeter-based performer Third Girl From The Left has today released her theatrical  new single, 'The Mountain And The Wave'.


With echoes of Kate Bush and Portishead, this dark and captivating release is spoken word in places, with great use of dramatic pauses. 'The Mountain And The Wave' is like nothing else you will listen to today, this week or indeed this month. It is endearing in its uniqueness and revels in pushing the boundaries of modern music.


One of the early adopters of the acoustic folk-country sound, Third Girl From The Left is a stalwarrt of the live circuit having performed live at grass-root venues for over ten years. Fast forward to 2021, and she now, in her mid forties, has reinvented the approach to her music:


To use the term mid-life crisis seems such a cliche but I did reach a point in my life when I just had to make a change and be true to myself. When Covid came along it was the perfect opportunity to knuckle down and get creative.” - Third Girl From The Left.



Inspired by the  Greek myth Tyro. Third Girl further says “I discovered the story through an artwork by Scotland's Margaret MacDonald. It tells the story of a married woman racked with desire for the river god Enipeus, but is tricked and seduced by a disguised, lust fuelled, Poseidon. For me it explores the power of addiction and how taking back that power must come from within.


The story of the track is engrossing and the song is very much a performance piece, something that Third Girl From The Left should be applauded for. Recorded at her home studio, 'The Mountain And The Wave' is a dark listen, with an extraordinary amount of detail.


With a new EP coming in the autumn and with support from both BBC Introducing and Fresh On The Net, Third Girl From The Left is a talented songwriter with the world at her feet.


'The Mountain And The Wave' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track via the embedded stream below.










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