GUY DAVIS Calls On Listeners To Take A “Commercial Break” In Latest Single “Waste Land”

Published on 9 July 2021 at 21:23

By Tom Farmer- @tomfarmer5000 @TomFarmerJourno 


If there was a “How To Be An Indie Superstar Handbook”, I’m sure the first page would mention the importance of your early singles being about love and relationships. Evidently, Guy Davis is keen to break the mould, attempting to attack the gigantic force of commercialisation and journalism on his second ever single. 


Based in Peckham, East London, Guy Davis is an eloquent and socially-aware independent songwriter. Building on debut single “Late Night Laundrette”, a fast-tempoed and upbeat track released earlier this year, the Londoner’s follow-up single “Waste Land” is out today on Electric Wet Records. 


Beginning with a soft and whispered count-in, the tone is set for a truly heartfelt tune. With unashamed and unequivocally honest lyrics, delivered by raw and emotive vocals, it is hard to argue with Davis’ point of view. It is clear that the singer-songwriter isn’t just writing about these topics as a USP or to gain attention, but because he really cares about it. With a hazy solo and a bout of moving, tongue-in-cheek spoken word at the end, there are glimpses of true indie-pop potential- perhaps echoing current indie pop heroes such as Declan McKenna and Sam Fender.



The single is accompanied by a music video, compiled of stock footage from climate protests last year. The faces of impassioned young people fit with the track, with the whole project coming together as a call for change.


Lyrically, Davis does well to touch upon a lot of different issues. From how we consume our news to the commercialisation of just about everything, it is perhaps no wonder that he proudly proclaims that the world we inhabit is a “waste land”. True T.S. Elliot fashion.


'Waste Land' is out now on all major streaming platforms and you can also listen to the track below.





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