CHRIS PIDSLEY Releases His Astounding 'Daisies' EP

Published on 30 July 2021 at 11:32



Streaming platforms have become so easy to use nowadays, so much so that the music industry has embellished a label of being a content mill, mostly filled with overplayed lumber. On the odd occasion, however, there is someone out there who manifests a masterpiece worth talking about. It’s hard to confine Chris Pidsley’s new release ‘Daisies’ as an EP, because it feels like something more special than that. If it was a physical object, you’d perhaps expect to see ‘Daisies’ hung up in a prestigious art gallery, but instead, you are blessed with the freedom to listen to it in full for free. 


Born in Gloucestershire and now residing in London, Pidsley crafts infectious, indie-pop sounds with a healthy dose of angsty, sad boy vibes. Embracing an overall theme of sun, summer and nostalgia, his music is raw and relatable, making the perfect laid-back soundtrack to the everyday lives of twenty-somethings.

His new five-track strong EP ‘Daisies’ touches on tales and feelings from Pidsley’s ebbing and flowing life. Carrying a warmth and honesty that flows through a golden pool of soothing production, the release glows with character and emotion. 


Talking of his EP, Chris Pidsley said: “This EP was written during the past year and a half of the pandemic. Recorded all in my bedroom and produced by my friend Ross, it's a collection of songs focusing on youthful nostalgia, summer memories and the different emotions that come with relationships. This EP has been a labour of love and I am super proud of all these songs. Each track is different, but their themes carry through to each other linking them together in this debut.”


Opening track “Tie Dye T-Shirt” opens as a hazy tune before a blast of energy emerges.  into an energetic blast. Taking inspiration from The 1975, “Tie Dye T-Shirt” is a perfect EP opener.

Listen To Your Mum” - a relatable track about how your Mum always seems to have an opinion about your love life and also being there to offer guidance. The song blends acoustic and DIY synthesised beats to create a lighthearted ode to all mothers. The music video to the track is something else too and is a creative, must-watch.



Title-track “Daisies” narrates a summer love. The musician shares, “The kind that you wish would never end and always brings you nostalgia whenever the sun shines.” While “Skinny” speaks about body positivity and shows Pidsley at his most serious. 

Rosie” brings the EP to a close. Recorded in one take, with just Pidsley, his guitar and a microphone, this  intimate and romantic track shows the artist at his most vulnerable. 


The Daisies EP is the culmination of Chris Pidsley’s immense songwriting talent and dedication. It is out today on all major streaming services.







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