ELLAJAY Impresses With New Release 'Part Time Boyfriend'

Published on 30 July 2021 at 10:20



Ellajay’s fourth single ‘Part Time Boyfriend’ is out today, and it is a certified bop. Produced by Adam Tilzer and featuring fellow indie artists Ann Marie Nacchio, Kirstin Marilyn, Giselle, Jordan Popky and Paola Bennet on background vocals, as well as Maxfield Gast on baritone sax, it’s a sassy call-out for potential partners to step it up.


Her lyrics are catchy and with a click of a finger followed by the deep sax background, the single whips up an invitation for you to join the party and sing along. ‘Part Time Boyfriend’ is an easy listen, making it accessible to all ranges of music tastes and this is why you’d be forgiven if the release became your guilty pleasure or your favourite song.


Based in Brooklyn in New York, indie singer/songwriter Ellajay is a familiar face at the likes of Rockwood Music Hall and The Bitter End. She draws listeners in with ear candy hooks and raw, earnest lyrics packaged in a fun alt-pop vibe.


What makes Ellajay stand out from the crowd is her unique blend of pop, indie, alternative sounds, embedded with some folk and rock roots, and now with the new addition of electronic synth pop sounds after being in the studio for the majority of 2020.



Unfortunately, we’re unable to nail her down to a specific sound, so bear with us when we list off the potential artists that would make Ellajay the perfect listen for you. The Georgia-born American fails to stick to one sound, so her influences are left to run wild. From Lana Del Rey to Tom Petty, St. Vincent to Nirvana, and Elton John to Billie Eilish, you get the gist.


With the release of ‘Part Time Boyfriend’ you can scratch just the surface of Ellajay’s impressive musical collection, because trust us, there’s a lot more to uncover!









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