JAKE CAINE’S Fifth Single 'All In A Day's Work' Fits The Pieces Of The Puzzle

Published on 30 July 2021 at 18:04

By Angus SInclair



Sometimes in songwriting, everything just clicks. This is the case for Jake Caine’s freshly served single, ‘All in a Day’s Work’, where the Sheffield based singer-songwriter spins a candid tale of the harsh realities of life. Inspired by the works of distinguished artists such as: The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, and The Smiths, Caine’s created track combines different techniques to create an authentic feel.


The lyrics are meaningful and the instrumentals flow with conviction. Caine delivers with a combination of Bob Dylan lyricism and a nuanced flow Beatle-style foundation. The track ensures a veritable tug on the heartstrings that leaves the listener deep in thought with a gaze cast longingly back to dreams once made. 


The impassioned tune was recorded above ‘The Church House’, a quaint pub in Sheffield, and was produced by local producer Steve Goodison – the sound engineer for popular band “New familiar”; the drums created much of the track’s emotion, thanks to the efforts of percussionist Rich Hunter, and although Caine is a multi-instrumentalist, he has stated that drumming is one talent he hasn’t equipped to a belt of virtuoso talent. 


Caine depicts his drab experience of working strenuous hours at a call centre, expressing regret towards childhood dreams left unfulfilled, with the rising musician explaining how ‘his truth’ has been told through his lyrics in hopes of the words resonating with listeners, something that he feels he can now tell with maturity. In the words of the man himself, ‘I am submitting this to you today because perhaps for the first time in my music, I have something to say.


The song differs from the composed singles that have emphatically welcomed Caine to the scene; falling outside of the typical constraints of rock and pop music that thrives throughout the industry, Caine has splendidly merged the sombre feel of the song with a rousing blend of electric guitar and percussion.



After an interview on BBC Radio Sheffield for his single “From Lust to Laundry”, Caine has recently started gigging after Covid-19 restrictions hampered such events for over a year and is beginning to relish the opportunity of performing in front of an audience. 


 We implore anyone who has not yet delved into this excellent track to do so; an alternative rock feel adding enticing instrumental layers in stages, taking the listener on a crescendo of energy and passion throughout. Caine has changed his usual tune for his latest release and boy has it worked. 


'All In A Day's Work' is out today on all major streaming platforms and you can listen to the track now via our embedded streaming link below.







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