MOLLY BURMAN Releases Final Single 'Little Love’ from her Startling Debut EP

Published on 25 August 2021 at 15:22

By Courtney Jade 



Twenty year old Molly Burman shares her last single from her EP, ‘Little Love’. A stripped back song that sets the tone for Molly’s writing through her elegant use of melodies and conversational lyrics which portray honesty and connect with listeners. This release has already gained praise from NME New Bangers, CLASH, Line Of Best Fit and Beats Per Minute, clearly highlighting her talent and further ascent into the music industry. 


When talking about the song Molly said: "'Little Love’ was written about someone I was seeing who would act up in front of their friends. We were never serious or anything ‘deep’ and we ended everything on good terms, but then I would hear them exaggerating everything to their friends and acting as if I was crazy. The more things I heard about me that weren’t true, the more frustrated I got and just really wanted to clear my name!"

Molly has also released a stop-motion video alongside the song, describing the creative process as; “Little Love is quite different to the other tracks on my EP, so I thought a more laid back video would work. My friend Alex came over with her camcorder and we just spent the whole day at mine, trying on different outfits and filming around the house. Of course my cats had to make an appearance as well! Alex has a great eye, we just walked around and filmed any ideas that came to mind, it was a great shoot!"




This growing star has given us a lot to talk about over the last few months with her release of ‘Fool Me With Flattery’, ‘Everytime’ and last month’s ‘Debt’, which have all received press, radio, and fan support internationally. As well as her new single release, Molly is sharing her debut EP “Fool Me With Flattery” which consists of songs written over the last few years, all of which were recorded and co-produced at home alongside her father.


"Each song explores the themes of being deceived and disrespected. This EP follows my journey from craving acceptance from others, to finally accepting myself. I feel like I’ve grown a lot with this EP and I hope that others can relate to this journey too.


Molly Burman grew up in an inherently musical family, with both parents gigging musicians, her Irish mother singing with Shane MacGowan of The Pogues and her father performing in bands alongside members of Bow Wow Wow and Sex Pistols. Molly began prodigiously writing and recording music herself from her mid-teens, self-producing her own material and writing ever-personal lyrics that have been never anything less than an unflinching, honest take on her life at that point.


The "Fool Me With Flattery" EP is a surefire introduction to her sound, and just the first steps for an artist with many more songs to come.


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