Single Reviews 07/09/21

Published on 7 September 2021 at 00:19


Cavalcade. The East-London four-piece have released a string of singles over the last few years and return in 2021 with ‘Feels Like Home’. An electric live band, Cavalcade brings that energy to this new single. ‘Feels Like Home’ is immediate, riff-heavy, lyrically meaningful and intelligent (based around William Gibson's novel 'The Neuromancer') and most importantly, is an absolute monster of a tune. ‘Feels Like Home’ is our Single Of The Week.


Nottingham based alternative rockers The Ruffs bring us ‘Humans’, a song that is both multi-layered and ambitious. The lyrics provide a social commentary on recent world affairs “America is burning…” and as such they compliment the deep sound here. Not a straight-forward alt-rock song, ‘Humans’ has real substance and, if you’ve not heard from The Ruffs before, the song serves as a welcome introduction to them…’In The Sky’ is the second release from Jonny Taylor, following up his debut ‘Walk Along The River’ which was released last year. This new single is immediately infectious, a classic Merseyside sound that invites an obvious comparison to The Beatles. Taylor is doing his own thing and clearly enjoying it - ‘In The Sky’ has its niche and will suit anyone into unpretentious, melodic guitar-pop...East-Midlands indie-rock band Segarra have released ‘A Million Times Before’, a song that wears its influences on its sleeve. With an almost snarling vocal from frontman Oli Wade, the sound here is huge in scope, with the band having built a wall of sound to underpin the lyrics. There are a lot of similar bands to Segarra out there at the moment but these lads do it better than most. ‘A Million Times Before’ is an indie-rock anthem that is best played loud. There are more great things to come from the band, who are shortly heading into the studio to record an EP release. A solid tune that is a must-listen... SPINN recently announced their second album which is due for release in November, and the lead single and title-track is called ‘Outside Of The Blue’. Written in the aftermath of a panic attack, the lyrics were impressively written in just half an hour. ‘Outside Of The Blue’ is pure indie-pop - a smooth vocal and upbeat overall sound belies the subject matter of the song - SPINN have crafted an intelligent song that serves as a soundtrack for anyone that can identify with the subject matter and has a penchant for delightful indie-pop...Prolific singer-songwriter Jay Tennant recently released Poker Polka, an upbeat tune that displays the funky side of Tennant’s sound. With disco-era guitar and a real groove to the beat, ‘Poker Polka’ is an example of his diversity as a songwriter and is a stand-out in Tennant’s catalogue of decent songs..’The Rabbit Hole’ by This Summer is the kind of song that isn’t made anymore (but should be). The sound is nostalgic hard-rock for sure, especially with that guitar tone and the emotional, rock vocal. We get an euphoric cavalcade of sound that engulfs the listener when it comes to the chorus making ‘The Rabbit Hole’ is an intriguing and welcome release…’I Worry About My Health And Caffeine Intake’ is the intriguingly titled new release from the Manchester based duo Lossline. A series of emotional chords introduce the song and from there we are treated to a simply sublime piece of art. The stretched out chords bring real emotion to the song with the guitar and piano work complimenting each other perfectly. A great release that is the duo’s best work to date...The Velveteins have a solid fanbase and collection of releases that is further enriched by latest single ‘Cosmic Saturation’. The sound here can only be described as vintage with its soft, melodic vocal and an overall sound straight from the 1950’s, albeit with the band's contemporary sound intact. Dreamy, endearing and altogether an easy listen, ‘Cosmic Saturation’ is The Velveteins at their most eloquent.


All of the above releases can be listened to now on our Spotify Playlist here.

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