PATIENT LOUNGE Release New Track “Treehouse”

Published on 24 September 2021 at 07:23

By Kyle Anderson


Following on from their previously released tracks “New Man” and “All You Want”, Patient Lounge have returned with their immersive new single “Treehouse”, the highly anticipated follow up which is set to take the band to new heights.


Treehouse” is a dramatic and varied track that showcases the remarkable  diversity that is expected from Patient Lounge with a complex construction and multiple layers making it a joy for listeners.


Building up to an anthemic voyage, “Treehouse” begins with a melodic and chilled vibe then combines alongside guitars fire angled with precise shots through the spacious canvas which blends with vocals soaring through the gravity-free field. The track immerses the listeners in a moment reminiscent of the golden days with its atmospheric storytelling, painting an aurally mesmerising scene.


“Treehouse” creates a real nostalgic feel and returns listeners to the much less darker days we once lived in which helped build the lyrics as Zach Eather ( Vocalist/Guitarist) looked back on the band's earlier lives playing in school rehearsal rooms , full of the belief they could achieve anything.



Brisbane Alt-Rockers Patient Lounge’s debut singles “All You Want” and “New Man” firmly placed them as one of the finest Alt rock groups on the East Coast and cemented themselves well within the Australian Music scene. Playing alongside Haken (UK), Wolfmother , COG and at festivals such as Big Sound, The Other Festival and Dead Of Winter , the band are ready to keep reaching new heights together.


With a music video to follow very soon, “Treehouse” the new single from Patient Lounge is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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