Limerick Four-Piece RAGING SONS Have Issued Their Barnstorming New Single, ‘Square One’

Published on 24 September 2021 at 10:38

Photo: Raging Sons



Wearing their influences on their sleeves, which ends up with the band sounding more original than ever, the new single features a conversation starting music video; an invitation to choose whether we let technology define us. Raging Sons merge gritty, alternative rock with modern, dark synth-pop to create their own waves of exciting new music.


They are a band that are still only in their inaugural months of releasing content, already releasing three debut singles before ‘Square One’. Formed and reformed over several years, however, the band is composed of Fint Tynan on vocals, Colum Kelly on guitar, Damien Ruddy as bassist, and Adam Reeves operating the drums. 


Work on their debut album began way back in 2018; a medley of powerful rock and numbers, spine tingling ballads and driving synth-pop that pulls from influences such as Muse, U2, The Killers, The Slow Readers Club and Nothing But Thieves. Now with the pandemic seemingly over, the album ’20:20’ is set for release this October.


As for right now, though, ‘Square One’ is the ideal listen for newcomers. It showcases gorgeous synth melodies, roaring guitars, and meticulous drums, all forming a hurricane of simply solid music making. Each of the band’s songs features a rock-solid musical core, with rich ornamentation, and their newest single perfects their method.


Photo: Raging Sons


Speaking of the release, “a serendipitous, happy-accident moment,” is how the band describe its creation. “We didn’t have a very clear, year-long practiced vision for this song like we usually do,” Colum discussed.


Surprisingly, Colum and Adam hadn’t heard the song for longer than 72 hours when it was brought to them by Fint and Damien before the four of them had it done, dusted and recorded. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t be able to tell, because a barnstorming new track is what came of it. 


'Square One' is out now on all major streaming platforms.







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