BAILEY TOMKINSON Releases "Skin" - A Break-Up Song With A Twist

Published on 29 December 2021 at 17:09

Photo: Natalie Michele



Representing something of an evolution in her sound, Bailey Tomkinson is back, surfing the waves of more national press attention with the release of ‘Skin’, which has already reached third in the UK iTunes charts, behind Sam Fender and Holly Humberstone at the time.


Skin’ was produced by Mr BJ Jackson and is a beautifully understated genre-blending breakup song with a twist. It isn’t necessarily about a romantic relationship that has run aground, but rather a friendship that has gone sour when one of the parties undergoes a personality change to fit in with another crowd. 


It is ultimately a story told with a highly relatable subject that will resonate with everyone.


Photo: Natalie Michele


The release caps an incredible year for the unsigned, Kernowfornia based artist which has seen the keen surfer catch another wave of national press attention following her single “Bright Red” which was an outspoken take on sustainability and social justice issues and reached #1 in both the Singer/Songwriter and Video charts.


Bailey says thatMany of my songs have tended to be about a couple breaking up or unrequited love in some way, but I’ve always felt that my female relationships are incredibly important in my life, so I wanted to explore the breakup of one of those with Skin.”

“Changing the focus and perspective of the subject matter also empowered me to play more with the sound." 


Dubbed by The Daily Mail, Mariella Frostrup on Times Radio, and the legendary Brad Paisley as “Britain’s answer to Taylor Swift”, Bailey has etched herself into the musical story once more with this release.


Bailey will be touring in the UK in the spring, and she has an EP set for release early in 2022.








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