Notts Band LNC Impress On Latest Release "Only The Fool"

Published on 5 January 2022 at 10:45

The Beacon Ritz on South St, Ilkeston is the cover art for "Only The Fool"


Indie-rock band LNC have been around for a handful of years now, displaying their sometimes tongue-in-cheek on previous releases "Jungle", "0115" and "Breathe". On "Only The Fool", released last month, the Notts-based quartet stamp their intention on the future.


"Only The Fool" opens with blistering guitars before the intro morphs into a tender, early Arctic Monkeys inspired lead guitar riff.  The delivery by frontman Josh Price is the highlight of the track and shows a talent for forming an ear-catching melody and making it the backbone of a song. 


LNC are no strangers to humour in their releases


The aforementioned Josh Price is also the driving force behind LNC when it comes to song-writing, with Price joined by Jacob "Jimmy" Bettinson (guitar), Jordan Wright (Bass) and Josh Bell (drums). Releasing their first single in 2016, it wasn't until 2019 when their popular release "0115" really started to make things happen for the band - the single garnered radio play and was featured by BBC Sport.


Gigs in such diverse locations as their home area of Nottingham, up in Scotland and in Paris, France have all followed, and last year LNC kept the momentum going with single releases "Desmond" and "BONES".


"Only The Fool", LNC's latest single, is arguably their finest to date. A band, that is perhaps undeservedly under the radar to many, certainly deserve the attention they have received thus far.





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