THE SHOP WINDOW Release Their Beautifully Melodic New Single "Lighthouse"

Published on 7 February 2022 at 09:35



Forming as the second single to be taken from the band’s second album, which is due for release in summer 2022, ‘Lighthouse’ is a warm, jangly, almost ballad-like song that is reminiscent of early 90s soundscapes such as R.E.M and Teenage Fanclub. 


What we learn from The Shop Window in their latest release is that sometimes the wheel doesn’t need reinventing, and in indie-pop terms, this wheel is round and rolling along perfectly happily in its simplicity, bathed in beautiful melodies. You can really get the gist that this band are comfortable in their own skin. 


Presenting themselves as an indie-pop four-piece, fronted by partners in musical crime; Carl Mann and Simon ‘Syd’ Oxlee, The Shop Window complete their line-up with a formidable rhythm section that consists of Martin Corder and Phil Elphee.


They have already released their first song on their upcoming album, ‘Lay Of The Land’, and are now hoping their latest tune follows in its success.



Talking ahead of the release of ‘Lighthouse’, Carl Mann states: “I sometimes wake up and find myself in a fog, crippled by anxiety and self-doubt. ‘Lighthouse’ is about how my wife is always able to steer me through that fog to safety and firmer ground. She has an ability to do this without even realizing most of the time, just by being her sparkling self.


‘Lighthouse’ stands as a safety blanket to the fear of the future, and the latest single steers towards the direction of certainty in a landscape that promises doubt and danger. 








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