'Fractured (a bit)' Is The 90's Guitar Band Influenced New Single By 3 LITTLE WOLVES

Published on 1 May 2022 at 22:25


3 Little Wolves, the Birmingham-based quartet, have released their second single of the year, 'Fractured (a bit)'.


No strangers to the pages of Our Sound Music, the band have previously been championed by our Paul Laird as "romantic, heartfelt", and praised for not following traditional indie-rock tropes.


'Fractured (a bit)' opens with an almost traditional flamenco vibe, the lead guitar refrain unobtrusive. The beat and percussion throughout is tight, bouncy and constant, the vocal unassuming, floating on the track in a way that is a nod to the quality of the production here.  


3 Little Wolves vocalist and guitarist Paul had this to say of the song: This song is really meaningful to me, in my own current and past relationships. When we play this song live, I always introduce it by saying something like ‘You know when you are with your other half, and everything is right with the world? This song is not about that. It’s about when you want to kill each other.’ And that sums ‘ Fractured’ up – relationships are not always plain sailing and lack of communication and understanding can lead to massive frustration on both sides.”



Signed to Deliberator Records, the aforementioned Paul is joined by Corrinne (Keyboards & samples), Leong (guitar) and Dale (bass guitar) to form 3 Little Wolves. 'Fractured (a bit)' is taken from an upcoming album 'Fires In The Night',  which is slated for an August release.






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Tommie Dame
a year ago

To the oursoundmusic.com admin, Thanks for the well-researched and well-written post!