Single Reviews 02/05/22

Published on 1 May 2022 at 23:15

Curated by:  Adam Wright

Here we are with this week’s single reviews. Each week we select a few of the songs that have caught our eye. First to feature is the OSM Single Of The Week. This week we’ve selected the new one from the Manchester-based Idle Hours. The quartet dropped their latest single, ‘Souvenirs’ on Friday and have put themselves on the forefront of Manchester’s developing scene. The track is the group’s first release since 2021 and showcases the band’s punky and bright sound. Extended instrumental breaks showcase the group’s musical dexterity while its nasal and attitude-drenched vocal provide it with its infectiousness. The song comes from the band’s debut EP - due for release in the summer - which promises to be a belter. 


More new releases and next up is the new single from Indoor Foxes. The artist has had an extended break from music and her new release, ‘Butterfly Boy’ marks her return to the scene. The track, which sees the performer exploring the fragility of male relationships, showcases a more indie rock-inspired sound than previous indie-pop efforts and gives Indoor Foxes a new platform on which to build…Dictator are up next with their new single, ‘Rubik’s Cube’. The track is the Scottish quartet’s first release of 2022 and showcases a development of their punchy sound. Keyboards form the centerpiece of the song and give it a groovy and funky feeling that projects feelings of excitement. The track is also to form part of the band’s nine track EP - due for release later this year…next on this week’s list is the new release from Columbia Mills. The new track, named ‘Addiction’ sees the band expand their creative ideas to produce a dreamy and melodic soundscape. The relaxed feel to the track reflects the lyrical content, which suggests society should take a more holistic approach to addiction. With ‘Addiction’, the Dublin-based group have said and done a lot…next are a group who have previously grabbed the attention of OSM with their previous releases. Dead Star Talk dropped their new single, ‘Winning Team’ last Friday and is the group’s first release since the dropped their debut album in February. The track combines elements of contemporary and retro sounds to create a rock ’n’ roll song to last the ages…Manchester band Mewn have released the lead single from their forthcoming debut EP. The track, named ‘Two Days’, features an art-rock inspired and somewhat eerie sound. A wistful vocal gives the track its pensive feeling, and its range of musical sounds creates a multidimensional and engaging soundscape…finally for this week is a more pop-inspired tune. It’s the new tune from Rachel. The track is called ‘Maybe We Could Be Something’ and is the Irish singer-songwriter’s first release of the year. It features a minimalist and piano centric sound with Rachel’s layered vocal forming its centerpiece. A true pop ballad.  

All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.

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