YOUNG FATIGUE Present Enthralling New Single 'I Want (Everything)'

Published on 16 May 2022 at 09:25



Quintessential post punk belligerence harnessed by a subtle hue of distilled melody, Young Fatigue’s new single ‘I Want (Everything)’ streamlines rock rage to the symphony of youth discontent, giving birth to a track that typifies teenage angst in the modern era.


Setting their sights on following up from their energetic last release ‘Top Ten Anime Betrayals’, the new Young Fatigue production is blunt and aggressive from the start, every so often transitioning into a melodic guitar riff throughout, aiding the exciting new band’s desires of spearheading a new wave of authentic punk rock sounds.


Of the single, Young Fatigue says:I Want (Everything) is about us embracing the label of being a bunch of whiny entitled lefty snowflakes. Our generation is constantly criticised for being woke and oversensitive, but we have plenty of legitimate reasons to be angry. The song takes a satirical approach to why we started the band in the first place. Young people used to enter adulthood bright eyed and optimistic. Now leave adolescence tired and fatigued; and we’re not going to shut up about it.



When these thoughts are put into practice, the result is a vivacious punk rock track that ebbs and flows until the very last drop hits listeners. Transitioning from outright hostility to meaningfully strung together guitar strums, the single eventually gives way in the embers of the production, with a mosh-worthy riot breaking out to end the song in almighty fashion.


Young Fatigue lingers on the minds of those who dare to listen, emitting a powerful message from the start to finish of each song they produce. 


‘I Want (Everything)’ encapsulates the band’s aura magnificently, and their authentic soundscape throughout their latest release elevates them into the hidden gem category going forward. 









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