NIGHT SWIMS Are Equally As Cinematic As Nostalgic On Latest Release 'After All'

Published on 16 May 2022 at 10:08



The work of Night Swims, a band born out of the Golden State of the USA, feels like a gift plucked straight from the heavens. Known for creating thought-provoking music since the project was started by singer, multi-instrumentalist, and arranger Michael Thomas just after the COVID-19 pandemic had started to unwind, he is joined by a team that has impressed from the get-go.


Recently releasing their debut album ‘Idle/Wild’, Night Swims have shown that they are well prepared to echo music that is as cinematic as it is nostalgic. Of the tracks within their first production, ‘After All’ stands out as one that embodies the brilliance of storytelling that Night Swims have stored away in their artillery.


While Michael’s vocals harmonise the deeply visual lyricism that sweeps through the seams of the single, he is joined by bassist David Savoian and drummer Nathan Atwood, who both infuse much-needed symphonies to the creation that helps magnify the conception that music is an artform. 


The album is an immersive, atmospheric experience that is shaped by an intuitive aura which targets the mind of the listener. While some songs that are released by artists look to pump adrenaline into listeners, and others aim to put pressure on the heart or soul, ‘After All’ and the songs that accompany it through Night Swims’ debut album set about focussing on the mind and thoughts of their fans.


In every release, Night Swims continue to build a collection of deep-layered productions. “After All’ is no different, and while the meaning behind the song is up to you to decide, the amount of layers induced into the track makes it easy for listeners to find themselves entering new parts of their brain as they venture into the world of Night Swims.


Reflective, nostalgic, and extremely thought-provoking, Night Swims single ‘After All’ is a track that poses as a cognitive entanglement, placing a spotlight on thoughts and feelings from the first second to the last.


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