Published on 16 May 2022 at 12:40

Curated by Adam Wright

Welcome to this week’s single reviews where we round up some of the most exciting indie releases of the past week. As always we’re going to start with this week’s Single Of The Week and we’ve gone for the new track from Opus Kink. The Brighton-based six piece have dropped ’Dog Stay Down’ and announced their debut EP. The tune showcases the band’s experimental approach to their sound and features an amalgamation of instrumental elements. A punky and excitable vocal sets itself amongst brass, keyboards, and guitars to create a truly original soundscape. Keep your ears open for this band…


Reviews proper now and next is the new track from Wez King. The tune is named ‘M.H’ and sees the Kent-based singer/songwriter tackling the stigma that surrounds mental health. The song features an indie-inspired instrumental core, with distorted guitar lines providing the backdrop for King’s fiery vocals. The single was released in support of Mental Health Week and will raise funds for The Mental Health Foundation. ..up next this week is an outfit from South Yorkshire. Mimosa, who are based in Sheffield, released their latest single, ‘Contagious’ earlier this month. The song - which is the band’s third release this year - builds on their rock ’n’ roll sound. Raw rhythms and squealing guitars give the song its power and choppy vocals add a layer of grittiness. A great step forward for the group who are taking it up a notch with each release…sticking with entailing indie rock, this next release - from Wrexham’s The Cazales - also fits the bill. The quintet’s new drop, ‘Bugbear’ sees the group adopt their heaviest sound yet. Hazy guitars and distant vocals give the track an element of psychedelia, while the driven rhythm section keeps the track grounded. The tune marks a step up from previous releases and comes with the promise of more to come..The Lounge Society are up next with their new single, ‘Blood Money’. The Yorkshire-based post punk band have been making waves for months with their politically charged lyrics and industrial sound. Their new single is no different. 'Blood Money' throws shade at the culture of greed we all live in and does so with restless and progressive punk instrumentation. The song was released along with the announcement of the group’s debut album. Not an album anyone will want to miss…moving on to the next tune, which comes from Primes. The Scottish outfit released ‘Paper In The Rain’ on Friday and have added to the excitement that surrounds them. The track exhibits a pop-inspired take on indie rock, with stomping grooves that evoke The Snuts and anthemic choruses that nod to Kings Of Leon, the group have pushed themselves forward. The tune is taken from the band's forthcoming EP, which promises good things..our final release for this week comes from a band who’ve previously caught our eye...and finally Small Talk released their debut single in February and have now added latest single ‘Paris’ to their catalogue. The track builds on the pop-inspired sound of its predecessor, and features catchy guitar lines and addictive lyricism that develops into a well-developed indie pop soundscape. They’re a band well on their way.


All of the above releases can be listened to on our Spotify Playlist here.


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