Single Reviews 04/10/20

Published on 4 October 2020 at 10:33

Scottish lads Shambolics, signed to Creation 23, kick things off this week with their new release Love Collides. Clearly talented songwriters, this indie love anthem jingles and jangles along with spades of melody.. “It’s alright i’ll be by your side” - croons singer Darren Forbes and for three minutes and twenty three seconds we are enthralled and believe. An incredible release from a vibrant band. Read our feature on Shambolics here. Love Collides is our very worthy Single Of The Week. Stream here.


Three piece indie rock band The Strifes have released their debut single All Day And Night. This bass heavy track is raucous and in your face from the get go. After only forming in May this year, the lads are quick movers writing and releasing a song that sets the stall out for the Southampton band. If All Day And Night is anything to go by The Strifes are a band to watch closely... Tugboat Captain are back with another single from their forthcoming album Rut (out October 16th) with Everything About You. A shimmering song that moves away from their The Beatles influence and is something altogether unique. A love song without being a ballad and fun without being a novelty. The album is going to be something decent if the single releases are anything to go by...We are big fans of Tom Grennan and were left a little disappointed with previous single release Oh Please but new track Amen has restored our faith. Grennan simply has a sublime voice and this acoustic diamond of a song is as emotional as it gets...The Snuts are everywhere at the moment and good on the lads. Always is their new one and as with every The Snuts release it is a banger. A dance groove gets us bopping along with that unique vocal. 


You can listen to all of the songs reviewed here on our weekly updated Spotify Playlist.

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