We are holding our first ever annual Twitter tournament for new bands. It is designed to get newer bands more exposure. Each day two bands will face off in a Twitter poll on our Twitter account with the winner moving on to the next round until one band stands victorious. Each poll will run for 24 hours and the idea is that before voting you go to the bands Twitter page and have a listen to some of their music before deciding on who to vote for and hopefully give each band a follow too.


A random draw will be made to find out which band faces which in each round. Here are the current entrants, some bands have nominated themselves, some have been nominated by their fans and in some cases they are in because we like them.


1 Courting

2 Reclaim Vienna

3 The Crooks


5 Penny Eyes

6 Sleemo

7 Mega Happy 

8 Rosadocs

9 Terraway

10 Caesar Did It


12 Signal Committee

13 Transport For Whales

14 Matilda Shakes

15 The Maitlands

16 Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue

17 A Shop Window

18 The Underclass

19) Scream From The Sun

20) The Gravity Drive

21) George Hughes

22) Skylights


24) Red Negative

25) The Rivers

26) Radials

27) Sunset Sunday

28) Cellos

29) Collars

30) The Capollos 

31) Yuka Tree

32) Narrow Margin


First round results so far (winners in bold, one match up drawn each day)

Skylights v SHADER

MOSES v The Crooks

Sleemo v Reclaim Vienna

Terraway v The Maitlands

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue v The Underclass

YUKA Tree v Courting

The Gravity Drive V Penny Eyes

The Rosadocs v George Hughes 

Caesar Did It v Red Negative

The Shop Window v Sunset Sunday

The Capollos v The Rivers

Transport For Whales v Signal Committee

Screams From The Sun v Cellos

Mega Happy v Narrow Margin

Kombat v Radials

Matilda Shakes v Collars


That is the first round complete!


Second Round

The Gravity Drive v Reclaim Vienna

Caesar Did It v Skylights 

The Capollos v Collars

Terraway v The Shop Window


Screams From The Sun v The Underclass

Yuka Tree v The Rosadocs

Narrow Margin v Signal Committee 



The Underclass v Terraway

The Capollos v Caesar Did It

Signal Committee v Kombat

The Rosadocs v Reclaim Vienna



The Underclass v Signal Committee

The Rosadocs v Caesar Did It



The Underclass v The Rosadocs


The winners of our best new band tournament are the amazing The Underclass.